Stores management software
for only 280 000 sum per month
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About Optimo
Simplest and the most affordable software for stores and food facilities

with Optimo
it's easier

To manage business, control stocks, track statistics
All information about store sales is gathered in one space
The program has simple functionality and is customized to the needs of the cashier and manager
You can use it without installation fee, for only 280 000 sum per month
Manager's workspace
Ability to remotely control the store
in one space
  • Branches
  • Sales and purchases
  • Inventories
  • Payment with suppliers
  • Legal entity sales
  • Manufacturing
Access to reports and statistics that enable the manager to grow the business
Remote control
The program can be used remotely, with a laptop or mobile phone, which simplifies the manager to control the store from anywhere
It is possible to manage a physical and online store in one space
Cashier space
Easy to use point of sale software for faster service
flexible functionality
  • Programmatically check of inventories
  • Queue management
  • Possibility of return
  • Sales history
  • Confirmation orders from suppliers
  • Sales to legal entities
Without trainings
Working in the program is so simple that it does not require special training for cashiers
Technical support
Optimo Personal Support Manager will provide free assistance to both, the cashier and the manager if needed
Compatible with a variety of devices: scales, thermal printers, cash box and others

Optimo is already used by:

Kiosks & Drive markets
Fast food
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